Engines rev up at Rochester Kart Club

By Brayden May

ENGINES were finally roaring again at Rochester Kart Club last month as racers returned to the track.

On July 26, the club held its first meeting in several months after coronavirus restrictions surrounding the sport started to be lifted.

Brigid Cagney, who is a timing officer for the club, said it was great to see so many smiling faces.

“It felt like we hadn't been together in a long time,” she said.

“The meeting was still held under strict guidelines including just one member of the pit crew for each driver.

“But we're pleased to report everything ran smoothly.”

Cagney said the meeting, which was held in conjunction with the Bendigo Kart Club, attracted drivers from regional areas across the state.

“It's really important we continue to support each other right now considering the major tracks in Melbourne can't be used,” she said.

“There were a lot of new kids on the track so it was great for them to have an opportunity to develop their skills.”

The racing wasn't the only highlight of the weekend with the club also hosting a working bee.

“We've put in a lot of effort to continue improving our facilities,” Cagney said.

“One of the major improvements has been to construct a viewing platform. Hopefully it can be used in future events to give people a better look over the track.”


KA4 Jnr Light

  1. Nate Young
  2. Chas Luscombe
  3. James Ceveri

KA3 Light/ Vic Comb Light

  1. Adam Campbell
  2. Thomas Beattie
  3. Mathew Ferrari

Cadet 12

  1. Chelsea Humphrey
  2. William Thompson
  3. Noah Dixon

KA4 Jnr Heavy

  1. Zackary Thompson
  2. Zach Findlay
  3. Grace Riddell

Vic Combined Med/Heavy

  1. Clayton Groves
  2. Rodney Kubeil
  3. Brent Opie

Cadet 9

  1. Charlie Damaschino
  2. Aston Hill
  3. Cayden Humphrey

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