Friendships important for Echuca CFA captain

By Ivy Jensen

IF IT WASN'T for the close-knit bonds within CFA brigades, Rob Amos might not have relocated to Echuca five years ago.

And the Echuca Fire Brigade captain says the friendships he's made during that time are a big part of why he continues to volunteer.

“Everyone joins for their own reasons, but in the end it comes down to protecting and serving the community, which everyone does together,” he said.

“I didn’t really know anybody here, and while regional communities can sometimes be hard to break into, CFA tends to melt down those barriers very quickly.”

Echuca CFA members at the Echuca Fire Station.

CFA volunteers across Victoria acknowledged the close bonds they’ve formed as brigade members to celebrate International Day of Friendship on Thursday, July 30.

“It’s really good to reflect on your friendships,” Rob said.

“You wouldn’t be where you are today without meeting those people.

“You find that the friendships you make in CFA are a lot stronger and hold together much better.”

Rob said he couldn't recommend volunteering with the CFA enough.

“You’ll meet people that you stay in contact with for the rest of your life,” he said.

“The friendships that you make, you’ll hang on to those and will take them with you wherever you go from here on.”


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