Ange Nuss is at it again, with the medals to prove it

By Ivy Jensen

LEITCHVILLE’S Angela Nuss has done it again.

The car crash victim has ticked off another four run challenges over the past few weeks.

The 57-year-old went to Darwin in September to compete in the Warrior run organised though the Indigenous Marathon Project.

‘‘Although it was flat, the humidity was 98 per cent so by the end you were running in your own sweat,’’ she said.

‘‘Even though it wasn't a marathon, it felt like I had run a marathon.’’

Then in Echuca’s Sweat versus Steam challenge last month, Ange placed second in the 10km veteran women category with a time of 52.42 minutes.

‘‘Pretty good for an old girl like me,’’ she laughed.

‘‘It was a beautiful run though. I love running through the wilderness and nature and the smell of the gums.

‘‘However, it was quite a hot morning so I didn’t feel like I ran as well as the Ned Kelly challenge.’’

The Ned Kelly Chase was held in Wangaratta on October 25, where Ange actually ran five seconds faster than her Sweat versus Steam time.

‘‘And that was a hilly one, but the weather was cooler,’’ she said.

‘‘I was 10th over the line and the fourth woman so I was pretty proud of that.’’

A few weeks before, Ange also ran 5km at Bendigo’s Great Strides event which raises money for cystic fibrosis.

‘‘Because of the heat, it really affected my balance and the pins in my neck because of the stress on my body,’’ she said.

‘‘I run heaps better in the cold.’’

The runs comes after her first marathon at the Shepparton Running Festival in August — four years after a horrific crash that almost took her life.

A huge feat considering doctors thought she would never walk again, let alone run.

And when Ange is told she can’t do something, it makes her all the more determined to do it.

Once she started running, she hasn’t stopped; competing in numerous challenges over the years.

‘‘It’s like a drug to me. Once you’ve done one, you’re just looking for the next one,’’ she said.

‘‘I remember all of them because they’re all so different and special.’’

Ange’s next challenge is Run Geelong on November 17 where she will take on 12km.

‘‘I used to live there so that one will be very sentimental,’’ she said.

She will also be up early on New Year’s Eve for the Dawnbuster Fun Run in Geelong, while next year’s events will include Cohuna Bridge to Bridge and Pan Pacific Masters.