Safety focus is on all of our road users

April 16, 2018

Paul Fitzgerald in the Alfred Hospital after his bicycle accident.

LAST month, the White Bike Foundation — which was established to both educate and protect road-sharers, ran the inaugural Ride for Joel in memory of Victorian cyclist Joel Hawkins who was hit by a car while cycling on the Mornington Peninsula in 2015.

Founder and director Chris Savage cycled 1700km from Dromana to Canberra to launch its road safety awareness campaign.

And was carrying with him a message he delivered to the doors of Parliament House, which read:

‘‘There are 86,400 seconds in one day. Pause and take TWO to make the right safest for ALL road users. #think2.

When hearing about Paul’s accident, Chris passed on his best wishes and hoped the Echuca cyclist was doing well in his recovery.

At the same time he said this accident would also serve as a reminder to motorists about giving cyclists space on the road.

‘‘We are also saddened to hear that another person has been hurt on the road and we wish them, and Paul, a full and speedy recovery,’’ Chris said.

‘‘At the White Bike Foundation, we want everyone to practise mindfulness and patience when travelling.

‘‘In pausing and taking two seconds to assess a decision before acting upon it, a road user is more likely to take the safest option for all impacted.

‘‘We are working towards significant interventions that will drive cultural and legislative change to maximise awareness and better protect everybody that uses the road.’’

Paul thanked Chris, as well as his wife Julie — and the community — for all the love and support he had received since the accident.

‘‘I received 97 text messages in one week, it just never seemed to stop,’’ he said.

‘‘‘I do a bit for the community when I can, I would rather be someone who gives than someone who takes so it really is nice to know that people do care about you,’’ he added.

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