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September 13, 2017

Healthy River Roadshow in Echuca tonight

SINCE the 4 Corners report Pumped there has been a growing concern within many communities along the rivers of the Murray Darling Basin.

The allegations of water theft, the potential corruption with the administrative systems and the inquiries into the current Federal Government’s commitment to the Murray-Darling Basin Plan leave us all in the dark.

So much so there is now what is called the Healthy Rivers Roadshow auspiced by the Lifeblood Alliance.

A rolling voice from communities concerned the Murray-Darling Basin Plan will not be fully implemented, sold out by lobbyists with secret agendas.

Meanwhile people on the river whose livelihoods depend on the water are left aghast at the unknown quantity of mismanagement.

Environmental flows are not for consumption, not for sale and that is binding in law. The basin plan is a landmark agreement for our nation.

So for those of us that want to know more, there is a series of public meetings being held in September along the rivers.

Echuca will be hosting a Healthy River Roadshow tonight at the American Hotel, starting at 7.

Come hear some fantastic minds who want to share with you their passion for environmental flows.

Let this be the encouragement we all need to stand up and demand better governance for our water.

To ensure our rivers and communities are healthy and vibrant into the next millennium.

Tuesday Browell,



WORLD Suicide Prevention Day on Sunday was an international day to recognise the impact of suicide and focus on the part we can all play in prevention.

Today is R U OK? Day.

This year’s global theme for suicide prevention was ‘take a minute, change a life’.

It was a time for us all to take a minute to acknowledge the pain suicide brings when it touches our lives.

I did, to reflect on the lives lost to suicide and all those I have met during the past year who have been affected by suicide and are passionate about changing all our lives for the better.

Evidence tells us that our personal attitudes toward suicidal behaviours can either help or hinder someone’s likeliness to get help or give help.

We must work together to debunk the myths surrounding suicide and change the way we think and communicate about its prevention.

Thank you to all of our members and friends for the events and campaigns run in support of suicide prevention this month, particularly on and around September 10 and for today.

Go onto our website and look at the national events calendar and you can also see what is happening in other countries by visiting the International Association for Suicide Prevention (IASP) website.

Thank you again for all you do to raise awareness and the capacity of Australian communities to support each other to live.

Please take care during this period of heightened conversation about suicide and talk to a trusted family member, friend or one of our partners who are there to support you.

Sue Murray,

Chief executive,

Suicide Prevention Australia

We must thank the High Court

WHETHER you elect to vote ‘yes’ or ‘no’ in the coming same-sex marriage plebiscite.

You (if a fair-minded person) must thank the High Court of Australia for the victory for all Australians over the likes of political chameleon (in fact ‘political lounge-lizard’) Andrew Wilkie; who stands for anything and everything – and for very little.

(As a staunch Liberal non-admirer of Malcolm Turnbull I must also, begrudgingly, express my admiration for his victory).

Howard Hutchins,

Chirnside Park

‘Christians cannot integrate into a SSM tolerating society’

WHAT about this plebiscite over changing Australia’s marriage laws to permit any couple to be married regardless of gender?

If the Yes vote wins, will Christians thinking and acting according to an opposite belief be sacked, taken to court etc?

Or will there be ‘exemptions’?

That question is scarcely relevant.

Jesus told his first 12 disciples they must “take up their cross daily” – i.e. be willing to be persecuted or killed any time.

Jesus himself died, nailed to a cross by those hating his teachings and life.

His modern-day followers can hardly go looking for “exemptions”.

Church leaders clamouring to the government to allow them “free speech” etc aren’t really on the right track, are they?

God gives us free speech.

It makes no difference what anybody else alleges to give or not give.

One thing is certain; Christians will not and cannot “integrate” into a same-sex-marriage-tolerating society.

Arnold Jago,

Nichols Point

Shame on those who didn’t help

ON FRIDAY evening I was out getting dinner for my family when I had a slight fall on my way out of a local take away store.

It was no big deal but seeing as though I am 30 weeks pregnant I want to firstly thank the only kind gentleman who came to my aide.

Despite being highly embarrassed I think I am more embarrassed that out of a shop full of five other people — including the shop owner — only one man offered to help.

No-one else checked to see if I was okay, helped me to my feet or offered to carry my food to the car. No-one.

And that is the most disappointing thing of all.

So to the seagulls in the shop that just watched and didn’t help me — shame on you.

To the gentleman who helped me, may kind karma find its way to you.

Thank you again for helping a heavily pregnant women to her feet.

Clumsy mother-to-be,


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