You made your choice, now live with it

September 13, 2017

MURRAY River Council is about to be elected for the first time.

It has not been officially announced yet but all the votes have been tallied; the people have made their choice.

To those people — the ratepapers of Moama and the entire council (of which I am not one) — you’ve made your bed.

You had your chance to strip it, put on new sheets and change the doona cover.

The pillows are being fluffed (preferences are being distributed) before you will all get to lie in it.

And lie in it you will for the next three years.

I am not saying you made the wrong choice but I will say you all made it and now it is one (if preferences are distributed following the current trend) that you will have to live with.

It seems last time you got it wrong because in the end council was suspended and put into administration.

The question on everyone’s lips is, of course, did you get it right this time?

Time will tell.

All the candidates in the Moama and Greater Murray wards (I have not spoken to all the Greater Wakool candidates) are keen to move forward.

They all said they wanted to be part of a cohesive council. One that does not make the mistakes of the past council.

That is encouraging and if nothing else a step in the right direction.

This council has an opportunity to turn things around. To make the right choices and create a council of which everyone can be proud.

Of the Greater Murray and Moama wards three of six councillors are likely to be former Murray Shire councillors.

Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. We do need experience in this new council and hopefully that is what they will bring.

Because history cannot repeat itself.

There are also three new councillors who can help forge the right path forward. They will have to find the time and make this a priority.

There will be meetings, appointments and lots of handshakes. There will also be very important decisions made behind closed doors and in front of them.

Together — the old and the new councillors — must understand they have to work together if they want to achieve anything.

Of course you will not agree on everything. There will be disagreements and there will be arguments.

But at the end of a meeting, at the end of a day, you have to move on.

Don’t get caught in the mess that was the demise of the last council.

Because if that happens again we might not be so lucky to have the opportunity to elect a new council.

And that would be the biggest shame of all.

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