Day three on the PS Arbuthnot

November 14, 2016

Day three started like the others - with a beautiful sunrise.

At 6.30am the crew wiped the sleep from our eyes and after a bit of chatter we all collected some wood to keep the Alexandra Arbuthnot going till we hit our final destination, Koondrook.

At 8.15 am we enjoyed a delightful breakfast then off we headed for the remaining 40km trek.

On the way we swept and washed the deck, the stairs, up the top, anything that didn't move and even some things that did. 

Andy finished the final painting from yesterday which restored the paddlesteamer to its full glory and made the PS Arbuthnot shine.

We passed Brad’s Bend around 9.30am.

The Alexander Arbuthnot was leading the way and PS Billy T soon joined in with the PS Canberra following closely behind.  

We hit the 1540 marker at 11am 

Andy and Geoff headed into Koondrook in the tinny checked out the wharf before returning to report their findings to PS Arbuthnot skipper Graham that we weren't far away.

So we slowed down and arrived in Koondrook around 1.15pm, the horn sounding, children cheering and flags waving as we went by the wharf, up to the sawmill and then turned headed back to the new wharf.

On arriving at the wharf the school kids were yelling “blow the horn, blow the horn”. 

They all had a chance to come aboard and check out the PS Alexander Arbuthnot and the smiles on their faces were priceless .

Once the festivities finished we shoved off, heading to the Barham Bridge to meet the children from Barham Primary School who had assembled on the bank.

The children gave a big wave as we turned around in front of them. 

We then headed back to the Arbuthnot Sawmill to load fire wood for the tours this vessel will be doing over the next three days.

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